Going High on Low-Code: My OutSystems Journey

With my Computer Science degree on my shoulders, I looked for a job that will help me hone my programming skills where I am admittedly not as good. However, why don’t I give it a shot?

Fast forward, I was hired to be a Systems Developer and was tasked to do an end-to-end online Procurement system — similar to the e-commerce platforms that we have now. Pegged the deadline to be less than three months.

Lo and behold. The three months I told the company? It is too long.. when assessed using the platform we are using today.

It was too good to be true. Having code that looks like below?


OutSystems Code

It can’t be! Then, having to set my data structure on the same IDE? Hmm

Data Structure Setup

And lastly.. have a beautiful UI by default.

Beautiful UI.. by default.

OOOH. Smooth.

Then it awned to me. OutSystems wanted me to focus what is more important — the business. Hours can be spent tryng to determine the proper syntax to have chart placed or an image to be displayed depending on the user, or even placing a border only on top of a table. This was eliminated by OutSystems. What I needed? I needed to know the process.

I got a low-code high since then!

Since 2012, I have developed more than 20+ enterprise applications, some are being used internally by the team, some are mission critical applications for our customers, some are just play around applications for us to discover more.

Then mobile app development appened.


Mobile App Development in OutSystems


I am not yet done being amazed on how fast this does my job when Mobile Application Development happened for OutSystems. Still the same — logic, data and UI all on the same place, but wait, there’s more! It is a build once for all platforms kind of stuff (iOS and Android) and lastly, mobile apps that are available OFFLINE can be done!

Whew! Does my job fast and fun and fulfilling and amazing and smooth and everything in between.

Going back to the procurement system I was telling earlier. It is being done again today using the OutSystems platform. And the timeline? You bet.

1 month. End to end.

That is how amazing it is

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