Beyond HR: TESI joins the 2018 Philippine HR Congress

HR practitioners take the lead role in helping organizations capitalize on opportunities offered by emerging trends such as HR 4.0, artificial intelligence, people performance management, strategic HRM and a lot more. 

The 12th Philippine HR Congress: PRISM HR held last August 28 – 29 at the SMX Convention Center was joined by HR practitioners eager to learn about the latest HR trends and innovative solutions exhibitors and renowned speakers have to offer.  This year’s congress focuses on the five essential components of a Human Resource Management that are emerging on the business horizon. P - People Performance Management, R - Recruitment, Onboarding and Retention, I - Innovation and Improvement, S - Strategic HRM, M - Motivation and Employee Development.

The agenda under the 12th Philippine HR Congress is intended to engage the ever-growing HR community in an extensive HR experience that features innovative topics, thought leaders, gurus and subject matter experts in the industry, as well as tested solutions guaranteed to help organizations adapt and meet the evolving business needs of the future economy.

Innovation is a competency that HR needs to cultivate to adapt in a fast-paced environment where solutions need to be designed from the outside-in understanding the needs of customers and internal clients. Transnational E-Business Solutions, Inc. (TESI), being the digital enabler of TDG, and a technology first company that drives business innovations and enabling speed of change took this opportunity to introduce the Human Capital Management System (HCMS) to the HR community. HCMS is a full suite enabling HR and payroll departments to access, process, operte and mge all aspects othe organization's hire-to-retire cycle and payroll functons. TESI aims to empower HR teams to shift their enegies to more strategic goals and to grant employees with organizational communication channels that are more responsive, open, transparent and measurable through HCMS.

HR has come a long way from merely filing employee related data and operational processes to a more aggressive and business-focused role. HR processes have undergone a dramatic shift with respect to how it is being carried out. The face of the HR team has more and more become a portal, than an individual. Automation of HR operations and many of its basic processes has helped increase productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Organizations adopting HR technology tools have a competitive advantage over those that do not.

TESI’s participation in this year’s HR Congress is just the first step to introducing HCMS to the HR community. The 2-day event was an eye-opener to all participants and exhibitors alike. HR can and must have a role to play in helping the organization stay ahead of the curve, but it needs to be focused on creating a digital experience that enables employees to go faster and more agile. As the future of work marches forward, TESI through HCMS will continue to prioritize continuous learning and reskilling and developing employees to keep up with the overall changes in the way we work. 


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