TDG-unit seeks share of enterprise software market

Manila, Philippines--Transnational E-Business Solutions, Inc. (TESI), the technology enabler of the Delgado-owned Transnational Diversified Group, is gearing up to take on the enterprise software space, which will exceed the USD 500-billion mark by 2022, according to global market research firm, Orbis.

“TESI wants a share of the global enterprise software space. While North America and Europe were the early adopters that immediately invested in software as a service and customer relationship management platforms, we are seeing significant growth in other regions, especially Asia,” says Renvi Martinez, President and General Manager of TESI.

Asia is expected to show the fastest growth between 2017 and 2022, with firms looking for software solutions that can scale as their businesses grow and evolve.  A customer-centric approach to conducting business catalyzed the adoption of cloud-based platforms that are less expensive and easier to integrate and scale.

“It is estimated that software giants own about 40% of the global market share--which means 60% is meant to for small and medium-sized providers. This is our piece to take,” says Martinez.

He adds, “TESI will take advantage of our team’s startup agility and TDG’s ability to support our capital structure. With these, we will have more than enough elbow room to hire the best developers, test off-the-shelf software in addition to our bespoke products, and enter new markets and sectors.”

Founded in 2001 to initially support the growing technology needs of TDG, TESI has grown from five engineers to a team of over a hundred, servicing local and offshore clients. It has since evolved from a single department to become a separate business unit that has taken the lead in exploring emerging technologies, and is under TDG Ventures, Inc. (TVI), the group’s technology and lifestyle operating holdiompany. Publicly-listed EasyCall Communications Philippines, Inc. recently invested an 11.76% stake in TVI.

In 2019, TESI is launching its first ‘off-the-shelf’ SaaS product called thread. It is a full suite enabling HR and payroll departments to access, process, operate, and manage an organization’s hire-to-retire cycle.

“thread does everything from helping file leaves, maintaining regulatory compliance, and even broadcasting SMS alerts in times of emergencies or work suspension. The software’s proof of concept is its widespread use in the TDG ecosystem composed of over 6,000 land-based employees and it showcases both our technical expertise and our ability to view markets from an economic, behavioral, and regulatory lens,” concludes Martinez.

TESI has done work for sectors like shipping, logistics, travel, IT-BPO, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and real estate.

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