Developing OutSystems Web Applications Boot Camp
- Someone who has a programming background or basic knowledge of coding
- Developers who are either new to OutSystems, or have limited experience with the platform, and want to learn about web application development with OutSystems.
- Architects and project managers who need to better understand how OutSystems delivers web applications.
US $ 1500
( with Associate Certification Exam )
This boot camp includes an overview of OutSystems and how to use it for web and responsive application development and server-side integration. It covers application architecture, data modeling, and creating amazing user interfaces using RichWidgets and the Silk UI framework. You will also learn how to integrate your app with web services and other systems, making this the one-stop course for full enterprise web development!

Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps Boot Camp
- Developers who attended or finished the Developing OutSystems Web Bootcamp
- Developers, architects and project managers who need to better understand how OutSystems delivers mobile applications
- Attendees should have some knowledge of relational databases, basic programming concepts (not specific to any language), and basic mobile technologies
US $ 1500
( with Associate Certification Exam )
This course introduces students to developing mobile apps, along with responsive web apps, with OutSystems. With a focus on mobile development, the course covers "thinking mobility," creating amazing user interfaces, using Silk patterns, and implementing offline capabilities with advanced interaction patterns. The course also covers how to build and use plugins that can access device sensors and native capabilities. You will even test your app by building the native mobile application package and installing it on the device!

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