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About Us
Transnational E-Business Solutions, Inc. (TESI) is a technology company that drives business innovations. Our continued progress embodies our passion to serve our clients by offering not just the right, but the best IT solutions that suit their needs and extending good relations to develop life-long partnerships. The success of our clients in their business venture enthuse TESI to move forward. We are a proud OutSystems Elite Partner.
Our Story
  • 2017 - present
    We established the OutSystems Development Center (ODC), that expanded our reach to the Asia Pacific Region.
  • 2015-2016
    We established a partnership with OutSystems to be their preferred partner in introducing their platform to key Philippine Enterprises.
  • 2013-2014
    We started by developing our key group-wide HR application, and with that success migrated most of all our legacy-based application and established the key-enterprise team.  In 2 years, OutSystems took notice of our rapid adoption of their platform.
  • 2012
    We initially had 5 developers trained in an emerging technology called OutSystems.  This has proven to be quite productive for the team and we realized rapid and consistent improvements in our delivery capabilities
Renvi R. Martinez
President and General Manager
As the President and General Manager, Renvi leads TESI in its Digital Journey towards being a Digital Enterprise. He brings a blend of deep technical knowledge and a clear vision on how TESI will move forward to be a globally competitive organization. His leadership has brought numerous awards for TESI including being the Outsystems Partner of the Year in 2015, Innovation Awardee in 2016 and Most number of Logos closed in 2017.
Find the best ways, systems and processes to achieve total quality and superior results.
Achieve greater results through teamwork, diversity and synergy.
Seek mutual benefit using “win-win” approach in everything we do.
Honor commitments, strongly uphold values and hold ourselves accountable in doing business.
Genuine concern for the common good of all stake-holders.
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